Log Rail vs. Wrought Iron Rail:

An area of the log home design that can have quite an impact, because it is so exposed, is the stair rails and guard rails in your home. The style of the rail will be influenced by the log design style of your home. Your choices can range from country rustic to sleek modern.

Log Guardrail in a Stacked Log Home
Log Guardrail in a Stacked Log Home

Traditionally log homes have incorporated log railing, log posts with log horizontal rails and log pickets being the most common. The appeal of this style is its rustic charm. Like the log home, the log rail has mass and a sense of strength. Sometimes the log pickets are replaced with what is called twig pickets. This style can be very whimsical and rustic.

Wrought Iron Rail in a Log Post & Beam Home
Wrought Iron Rail in a Log Post & Beam Home

This style of railing can evolve to a more modern or open style by replacing some of the log elements with different materials. You could choose to use wrought iron for the pickets, which can incorporate different embellishments available with that material. If your view through the railing is important to you, glass panels will be virtually invisible. The next evolution would be to replace the log rails with more refined materials. Hardwood rails can compliment the wrought iron as an example. Most projects keep the log posts as they can visually tie the railing element to the log structure. It is important that the posts you choose are secured properly for your safety.

The final choice is up to you, rustic or modern. You want your choice of railings to be a cohesive element of the style you have chosen for your log home.

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