Stack Log or Post & Beam

Interior Finishing:

When you are thinking of the interior of your log home you have a couple of things to consider. Do I like my space to hug me, cozy and warm, or do I prefer a more airy space with large splashes of light and color. This is what the two different log building styles boil down to. Stacked log homes do present themselves as more rustic and cozy, solid and strong. Post and Beam homes tend to be more open and airy, light filled and expressive.

Stacked Log Home Dining Room
Stacked Log Home Dining Room

Stack log homes have mass. This aids in the energy efficiency and gives it a style all its own. The appeal of a stack log home is in its ruggedness that harkens back to our pioneering ancestors. Modern design and log building techniques have allowed us to expand and add volume to the stack log home. The windows have gotten bigger and wider with only the need to fit within the logs themselves to constrain them. The log walls tend to set the mood of the color palette and you would use complementary colors and textures. Log walls do tend to absorb light so you would need to account for this in your lighting scheme.

Log Post & Beam Dining Room
Log Post & Beam Dining Room

A Post and Beam log home has a more modern feel to it. The log shell usually has larger sized log beams than a stack log and form the structure of the home. On the interior the logs become a complement to the style of the home instead of the main event. The energy efficiency of the home is now dependant on the framing and choice of insulation. Window sizes can be larger and the styles more expressive. Your color palette can now be defined by the other elements of the interior and the logs can be lighter or darker to suit.

You should not think that there are any winners or losers here.  When you are considering what style you want in a log home, look for examples that express what that is. Your log home should be an expression of you, not what the world thinks you should do.


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